Quantum Photonics: Principles and Applications

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School on Quantum Photonics:
Principles and Applications

March 13 – 16 2023, Gebze, TÜRKİYE

Technologies based on the use of quantum principles continue to play a profound role in deeper understanding of the laws of nature, thus sparking a new wave of scientific and technological advances. The use of previously untapped quantum properties such as superposition and entanglement of individual quantum states provides novel technological resources for secure communication systems, computational paradigms, advanced sensing and metrology. The School will bring together graduate students and early career researchers engaged in the various aspects of quantum science and technology to offer an excellent series of lectures, with a broad scope of topics ranging from scientific fundamentals to the ongoing state of applications.


Vahid Karimipour
Sharif University of Technology

Angelo Bassi
University of Trieste

Topics Covered

  • Quantum Mechanics and its Foundations
  • Quantum Superposition
  • Entanglement
  • Quantum Nonlocality
  • Quantum Measurements
  • Quantum Cryptography
  • Quantum Teleportation
  • Quantum Computation


You can download the School Program.


The school venue is TÜBİTAK TBAE facilities. A limited number of accomodation will be available free of charge.

Note: Participants are not charged any fees.


You can apply to the school online.

Note: All applicants affected by the earthquake will be accepted to the school.

Deadline for Applications: March 6, 2023 23:59

Poster is available here.


Hasan Mandal (President of TÜBİTAK), Alikram Nuhbalaoğlu (Director of TÜBİTAK TBAE)