Research Fields

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Nowadays, fundamental science offers a wide range of research topics; from quantum science to quantum technologies, from particle physics to the structural properties of matter, from the structure of space-time to gravitational waves, from deep mathematical structures to computational simulations and nano-technologies, from the molecular foundations of life to the world of viruses, from highly complex biochemical processes of the human brain to complex physical processes that shape the functioning of the universe.

The groundbreaking discoveries and high-quality data from observations and experiments based on the most advanced technologies of our time indicate that very exciting developments in the fields of fundamental science can occur in the coming years. In addition, the analysis shows that cutting-edge basic scientific research will be intertwined with interdisciplinary studies.

The Research Institute for Fundamental Sciences focuses on the following research fields at the first stage, taking into account the trends of similar research institutes around the world and the current scientific potential of our country. These research fields have also been chosen strategically to enable the Institute to make a splash in the short term.

  • Science of the Universe
  • Quantum Science
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Computational Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Directions