School on Data Driven Materials Science: Accelerating Innovation

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School on Data Driven Materials Science: Accelerating Innovation

September 11 – 12 2023, Gebze, TÜRKİYE

With recent progress in computational hardware and software, materials researchers can utilize a large volume and wide variety of materials data generated by experimental facilities and computations. The emergence of these big data and advanced analytical techniques has opened unprecedented opportunities for materials research. The purpose of this School is to bring together early career researchers and motivated students to offer excellent series of specialized lectures focusing on fundamentals of first-principles calculations and data-driven methods for materials science. The lecture will also address challenging problems in materials informatics.


 Isao Tanaka
Kyoto University, Japan

Topics Covered

  • Introduction of First Principles Calculations
  • First Principles Phonon Calculations and Thermal Properties
  • Data Driven Methods in Materials Science
  • Systematic Parallelized Experiments


You can download the School Program.


The school venue is TÜBİTAK TBAE facilities. A limited number of accomodation will be available.

Note: Participants are not charged any fees.


You can apply to the school online.

Note: A letter of acceptance will be sent to candidates whose applications are evaluated positively.

Deadline for Applications: September 1, 2023 23:59

Poster is available here.


Alikram Nuhbalaoğlu (Director of TÜBİTAK TBAE)